Friday, June 10, 2011

Let's Start This Thing

I've attempted to start many a blog over my time. They haven't lasted. But on the inspiration of a blog I frequent often, The Pioneer Woman (I highly suggest checking her site out), I am trying my hand at it again. On her advice, however, I'm going to take it slow and figure out what works best for me in the blogging world. I think a myriad of topics, because, frankly, I have a myriad of passions and interests. I'm in constant motion either mentally or physically. I may be watching TV, but I guarantee you I'm thinking about food, my wedding planning, and when I should start preparing for graduate school.

I'm also not your typical twenty-something. At least, I like to think that. I love heels...but I love lounging around the house in sweats. I can play the girly-girl role to a tee ( I secretly think my past life was spent on the Upper East Side), but I scream and yell at the TV when I watch hockey (I also think I dated a hockey player in a past life, well maybe not, but a girl can dream)! I'm a story of conflict. I'm a reader, but I watch TV way more than I probably should. I'm a nerd, but I also love to go out and have a good time. I'm a poet and a novelist (well, short stories, but short story writer didn't sound as good as novelist).

I love to cook and bake, but I plan to cook more than I actually do. I'm a New Englander and I'm proud of it. I firmly believe there isn't any place in this country better than New England. I feel safe saying that because I've lived in the Midwest for 4 years...and I know four years isn't a long time, but it was enough to send me running back to my home as fast as humanly possible (i.e. 24 hours after graduation). And after spending a lounging, uninterrupted month in my beloved New England, watching hockey (nonexistent in Indiana) and not living in mortal fear of tornadoes (though I swear they followed me home), I know I couldn't find a better place to live (for me)! I can be a basket case. My known, serious fears: tornadoes, horses (why did I ever move to the Midwest), large group situations, just to name a few more intense ones. But I love to public speak, which is the number one phobia in America. I'm worried about everything else, go figure! I also like to think I'm brave enough to work through any fear. I hate flying, but I fly all the time to visit family.

What's the point of this post, well I don't know. To get my creative juices flowing? To introduce you to some of what makes me tick...maybe give you a glimpse of what I might talk about? Who knows, I sure don't. But, hey, who ever knows what's really going to happen in the future. I plan, I organize, and I schedule. I really do, but sometimes you just gotta jump on a broomstick and let it fly you through life. Along the way, who knows, some pretty awesome, unplanned, things may come to pass.

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  1. I still check on this blog often in case you update... and i'm glad to see you did!! I enjoyed this post :) i laughed so much because after i saw you the other week and you were telling me about the tornadoes.. and then we got tornadoes here - i was thinking about you and how you must have been like "WHAT THE HECK" because that never happens here!!! anyway, i just wanted to let you know that i always look forward to reading about your thoughts, etc. can't wait to hang out with you soon. i think i'll be in worcester this weekend... so maybe i'll see you! i will message you about this!